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  037 An Infinite Distance Between Two Points  

Blake Carrington — An Infinite Distance Between Two Points
June 17 – July 17, 2016
Kaplan Gallery @ VisArts, Rockville MD
Reception and Artist Talk: Friday June 17 7pm-9pm
Audiovisual performance CATHEDRAL SCAN: Friday June 17 8:30pm
Featuring drummer and PIMA Brooklyn College resident artist Alon Ilsar

Visual, sound and performance artist Blake Carrington presents three projects where technology and the senses unite in unexpected ways. Working with data mined from Gothic cathedrals, a film masterpiece, and psychotherapy sessions, his mixed media paintings, video, and live performance offer an inter-sensual experience with "sacred" space. Andrei (Near and Far), a single channel video, features a single shot from Andrei Tarkovsky's 1966 film Andrei Rubley paired with an original sound composition that carries the viewer/listener through various fantastic, realistic, and abstract spaces. In Strata Systems, recorded conversations between patient and psychotherapist served as the matrix for a series of mixed media paintings that carry the sonic topography of those private, personal talk sessions. Cathedral Scan, an audio-visual performance, treats architectural plans of Gothic cathedrals as open-ended scores. Space becomes rhythmic and sonic. Each version of the performance stresses the tenuous correspondence between different data sets - architecture, diagram, image, sound - and questions how close to an original source one can get by manipulating signs. Carrington's hybrid works create a sense that in the gaps between perception and data, there are infinite ways to experience space and time.
- VisArts director Susan Main


Works list:

“The Year We Make Contact”
Single-channel video projection, silent, white gaffers tape, black gaffers tape
Variable dimensions

“Strata Systems v02_NIJIMI #2004-#2013”
Inkjet print on Harmon matte baryta paper, sumi ink, CMYK ink, acrylic
Various dimensions from 8" x 10" to 13" x 19"

“Strata Systems v04_LOOM #4001 #4002”
Inkjet print on coated cotton, acrylic, black gaffers tape
48" x 32" x 3"

“Strata Systems v05_TABLET #5001”
Inkjet print on Hahnemuhle cotton rag paper, hardboard, wood panel, plexiglass, gold rivets, CMYK ink
18.5" x 12.5" x 2"

“Andrei (Near and Far)”
Single-channel video, stereo sound
Running time 9:00


“Strata Systems v04_LOOM #4001 & #4002” and “The Year We Make Contact”

“Strata Systems v04_LOOM #4001 &” and “Strata Systems v04_LOOM #4002 &”

“Strata Systems v02_NIJIMI #2004–#2013”

“Strata Systems v02_NIJIMI #2004”

“Strata Systems v02_NIJIMI #2005”

“Strata Systems v02_NIJIMI #2006”

“Strata Systems v02_NIJIMI #2007”

“Strata Systems v02_NIJIMI #2008”

“Strata Systems v02_NIJIMI #2011”

“Strata Systems v05_TABLET #5001” and studio photograph showing birch panel ground

“Andrei (Near and Far)”

Video walkthrough of exhibition shot and edited by Frank McCauley


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