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  027 Apple Blossom Time / audiovisual performance, installation 2012  

To celebrate the conjunction of its 10th anniversary and the "end" of the Mayan calendar, the theater/performance art company Immediate Medium created an immersive, interdisciplinary group performance called The Future at the End of the World. Working with guest curator Andrew Horwitz (River to River Festival, Culturebot), Immediate Medium selected nine makers of dance, theater, performance, music and media to join them in the largely empty offices of the James A. Farley Post Office (8th Ave/33rd St New York) for the creation of a set of simultaneous, site-specific performances around the themes of time, space, fortunetelling, futurology, reincarnation, the last week of the world as we know it, and the beginnings of new worlds to come. Audience members travelled freely throughout the rooms, while a “god mic” counted down the performance duration of exactly one hour.

Apple Blossom Time is an audiovisual composition performed live and a wall drawing commissioned especially for the show. Based on a recording of a barbershop quartet made a few years prior, small harmonic and rhythmic moments are extended into an expansive sonic wormhole that oscillates between ambient harmony and lyric song structure. Visual projection is generated in real-time by analyzing the spectral qualities of the performed sound, and is mapped onto a drawing made with gaffers tape situated in the corner of the wood-paneled room. On the surrounding walls the phrase "APPLEBLOSSOMTIME" is written in reverse, also with gaffers tape.

Photos and video by Asa Gauen. Special thanks to the barbershop quartet Full Circle, recorded by the artist in Rochester NY.

  Watch excerpt (3 min)  

  Watch excerpt (3 min)  


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