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  A Weak Force That Binds performance for Creative Tech Week  

Blake Marques Carrington (a.k.a. Russian Ark Sakura)
A Weak Force That Binds
audiovisual performance, 20:00, 2017
single-channel projection + stereo sound

FiveMyles Gallery, 588 St, Johns Place, Brooklyn, NY
Saturday, May 20th, 7-9pm
Event page

Also featuring audiovisual performances by Yuliya Lanina and Alon Ilsar!

A Weak Force That Binds is the third full-length album from multidisciplinary artist Blake Marques Carrington a.k.a. Russian Ark Sakura. Like previous releases, the album and performance use the artist’s "CScan" sound engine, created in the Max/MSP/Jitter software environment. Architectural plans of a variety of structures, both religious and secular, are scanned in real-time to generate rhythmic sound. By controlling multiple scanning groups at once, a myriad of polyrhythmic, fugue-like effects can be achieved. Visually the plan is revealed with each pass of the virtual scan, and interacts graphically with appropriated clips from Antonioni’s 1964 film “Red Desert” and Teshigahara’s 1966 film “The Face of Another”.

Video for track titled "Scan Santo Stefano (A 27-Sided Argument)"

Russian Ark Sakura Bandcamp page

  The End of Information in Creative Tech Week exhibition  

The End of Information in Creative Tech Week exhibition Stronger Together
Digital pigment print on white cotton, gaffers tape, 20ft x 40in
Knockdown Center
52-19 Flushing Ave in Queens
Fri May 12 & Sat May 13
CTW Stronger Together website

Based on the Strata Systems series of work, The End of Information is an inkjet painting exploring the exponential spectrum from information bit to the subjective image space that emerges when those bits are multiplied. Like other works in the Strata Systems series, the images are generated by sound – a recording of a psychoanalysis session between the artist and a therapist. Using the audio waveform as a material for drawing, the pixels are drawn digitally then subjected to forces in a meta-gravitational system that distort and explode the original waveform. There is a sense of alienation through the arbitrary and abstract visualization even though there is a sense of order in each pixelated image pertaining to a specific sound byte. This version of The End of Information was made specifically for the Knockdown Center site.

  The Year We Make Contact (4-channel version) at E4C  

The Year We Make Contact (4-channel version)
Gallery E4C
101 Prefontaine Pl S, Seattle, WA
Launches on May 4th, 2017
E4C website

This new version of The Year We Make Contact was made specifically for the outdoor four-screen setup at E4C. Using the same system that generates imagery from audio recordings of psychoanalysis sessions, in this version the four screens are scaled at exponentially small resolutions — from 1920x1080, to 480x270, to 120x67, and finally to 16x9 pixels. The scaling is meant to emphasize the spectrum between subjective image space and individual bits of information.

  Shared Control System — workshop at Gibney Dance  

Shared Control System — Max/MSP/Jitter, Arduino and Sensors
Workshop by Blake Carrington
Part of Digital Technology Initiative at Gibney Dance
Saturday March 4, 2017 12:30pm — 3:30pm
Agnes Varis Performing Arts Center at Gibney Dance, Studio A
Event page


  An Infinite Distance Between Two Points — solo exhibition at VisArts  

Blake Carrington — An Infinite Distance Between Two Points
June 17 – July 17
Kaplan Gallery @ VisArts
155 Gibbs St, Rockville MD 20850
Reception and Artist Talk: Friday June 17 7pm-9pm
Audiovisual performance CATHEDRAL SCAN: Friday June 17 8:30pm
Featuring drummer and PIMA Brooklyn College resident artist Alon Ilsar

“Visual, sound and performance artist Blake Carrington presents three projects where technology and the senses unite in unexpected ways. Working with data mined from Gothic cathedrals, a film masterpiece, and psychotherapy sessions, his mixed media paintings, video, and live performance offer an inter-sensual experience with "sacred" space. Andrei (Near and Far), a single channel video, features a single shot from Andrei Tarkovsky's 1966 film Andrei Rubley paired with an original sound composition that carries the viewer/listener through various fantastic, realistic, and abstract spaces. In Strata Systems, recorded conversations between patient and psychotherapist served as the matrix for a series of mixed media paintings that carry the sonic topography of those private, personal talk sessions. Cathedral Scan, an audio-visual performance, treats architectural plans of Gothic cathedrals as open-ended scores. Space becomes rhythmic and sonic. Each version of the performance stresses the tenuous correspondence between different data sets - architecture, diagram, image, sound - and questions how close to an original source one can get by manipulating signs. Carrington's hybrid works create a sense that in the gaps between perception and data, there are infinite ways to experience space and time.”
- Susan Main, director of VisArts

  The Year We Make Contact (Gyre version) at Creative Tech Week  

A new spiraling floor projection version of TYWMC is on view for one week only as part of New York's inaugural Creative Tech Week. The Arts Hub at the Clemente Center features many pieces and installations and a full schedule of talks and performances. Organized by Isabel Draves, Mark Bolotin, Asher Remy-Toledo and Jeanne Angel.

At Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center
107 Suffolk St. in Lower East Side NYC
May 2 - 8
9am - 8pm each day + Creative Tech Week website +

  Feb 19th 7-10pm Cathedral Scan (Drums version) at Hyphen Hub  

This Friday I'll be making the New York premiere of a new version of my Cathedral Scan performance, accompanied by a guest drummer. Part of a great lineup that is being produced by Hyphen Hub in collaboration with Pratt Institute DDA (Dept of Digital Arts). Carla Gannis will be going on around 7:30, I will follow at around 8:00, and the evening will conclude with a performance by RAFiA. Throughout the night a video installation by Igor Molochevski will also be on view.

+ Facebook event page +

At Pratt Institute DDA
Myrtle Hall (536 Myrtle Ave, enter on south side facing Willoughby Ave)
5th floor
FREE for Pratt students and faculty
$10 for everyone else

  March 3 -April 9 "Strata Systems" in Variables States group exhibition  

Upfor Gallery
929 NW Flanders Street
Portland, OR 97209

March 3 – April 9, 2016
First Thursday opening reception March 3, 6 – 8pm
Southern Graphics Council International: March 30 – April 2, 2016

This group exhibition is focused at the intersection of printmaking and technology: both how technology is integrated into traditional practice, and how it can expand print beyond those boundaries. Participating artists include Janet Ballweg, Blake Carrington, Edwige Charlot, Brenna Murphy, Alyson Provax, Paul Soulellis, Krista Svalbonas and Sang-Mi Yoo.

Curated by Heather Lee Birdsong

  Feb 6th 10-11:30am Panel discussion The End at Pratt Upload  

Chair: Everett Kane
Panelists: Jennifer Krasinski (freelance art critic: Art Forum, Village Voice), Tommy Hartung (visual artist), Blake Carrington (artist), Rachel Steinberg (curator and Gallery Director of Soho20 Gallery, Brooklyn)

This panel addresses themes of death, tragedy and apocalypse as strategies for meaning in art. Our overriding question will be how does "The End" function these days and how does technology condition it? Presentations will touch on the aesthetics of terror, depictions of death and suicide, the affective turn in the art world, the role of religious subject matter, communication systems in disaster scenarios, and the implications of socio-political strands within contemporary art practices.

As part of the panel I'll be giving a short presentation called THE END OF INFORMATION (SPECULATIVE FORENSICS).

Pratt Upload 2016 is a symposium that invites artists to examine our digital reality in all its multifarious forms. FREE and open to the public. More info on panels, workshops, and keynote speaker Lorna Mills here.


  Oct 17/18 12-6pm Personal Desire Propaganda at PACE Paper for Gowanus Open Studios weekend  

Personal Desire Propaganda

I and PDP co-founder Grayson Cox will be bringing a selection of the platform's limited edition silkscreen prints to PACE Paper this weekend. All prints are hand-made in an edition of 100 and priced affordably. See the full inventory of prints at the PDP Website. And check out the Gowanus Open Studios website for more info on locations around the neighborhood.

  July 23 9pm: Cathedral Scan Drumz live concert w Leo Lazar @ Westwerk  

At This Red Door Hamburg I'll be performing a unique Cathedral Scan set along with drummer LEO LAZAR (half of Hamburg-based band Lazar Crash along with his sister Anik). 9pm start FREE.

Update: Video excerpts on Vimeo

  July-Aug 2015: This Red Door in Hamburg and Amsterdam  

The collaborative initiative This Red Door — founded by Jomar Statkun, Christopher Stackhouse and Jared Friedman and involving dozens of friends and collaborators — is currently taking over the art space Westwerk in Hamburg from June 29 - August 8. Following that, we'll move to a location in Amsterdam to produce events for one week only Aug 11 - 18. Like previous iterations of the project in Berlin and Brooklyn, we'll be producing an amazingly diverse range of events from art to music to dinners to discussions and many things in between and beyond. Check out the TRD website for the ever-changing schedule.

  May 28 – June 6: Dark Before Dawn and Andrei (Near and Far) in LOOP Festival Barcelona  

Dark Before Dawn, a video I made for the full-length album Ulysses Syndrome by Soundwalk Collective, will be included in an exhibition at this year's LOOP Festival in Barcelona, curated by Barbara Held. My short video Andrei (Near and Far) will also be featured in a one-night-only video screening.

Reial Cercle Artistic de Barcelona
May 28 – June 6
11:00am – 9:00pm


  Nov 4: Killer Road with Soundwalk Collective + Patti Smith + Jesse Smith at Manarat Al Saadiyat, Abu Dhabi  

I'll be performing live video accompaniment again for Killer Road with Soundwalk Collective, featuring Patti Smith reciting the poetry of 60's icon Nico, also featuring Jesse Paris Smith. On Al Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi, Tuesday night Nov 4.

  Oct 16-23 The Year We Make Contact at Contemporary Art Center New Orleans  

Produced by Cinema Reset and in conjunction with the New Orleans Film Festival Oct 16-23, I'm staging a new two-channel version of my video installation The Year We Make Contact. Additionally I'll premiering a new audiovisual performance called "A Weak Force That Binds" at CAC on Saturday night Oct 18th. More details soon.

  Oct 2 Killer Road with Soundwalk Collective + Patti Smith + Jesse Smith  

I'll be creating and performing live video accompaniment for Soundwalk Collective's new piece Killer Road, featuring Patti Smith reciting the poetry of 60's icon Nico, and with Jesse Smith providing additional musical support. Part of the French Institute Alliance Française 2014 Crossing the Line Festival at Florence Gould Hall.

  Sept 18-28 About Sculpture #4 at Lady Fitness, Berlin  

Organized by Janine Eggert and Nadja Frank for Berlin Art Week, Lady Fitness Contemporary is hosting a group exhibition featuring my video Andrei (Near and Far). Opening on Sept 18th at 9pm!

  Oct 3-Nov 8 Sound installation for Black Moon: New Works by Kate Iverson at SooVac, Minneapolis  

Sharing a residency session at Tofte Lake Center in summer 2014, Kate invited me to add a sound installation component to her solo exhibition Black Moon . The sound composition is created from field recordings made during the residency at TLC. Opening on Friday Oct 3rd 6-9pm.

  Sept 26-28: Dumbo Arts Festival  

I'm helping to realize God's Eye, a special video installation by artist Deborah Johnson at 163 Plymouth St. On view 7pm to midnight on Friday, Saturday and Sunday!

  July 4: Performance at Harrison Center for the Arts, Indianapolis  

After spending a week in residency at Tofte Lake Center in Minnesota making a new library of audio field recordings, I worked in the studio at the Harrison Center in Indy to develop a new audiovisual composition using those sounds.

  July 20 - Aug 20: Travel Research Grant to Japan  

Funded by the Jerome Foundation, I'll be staying in Tokyo and traveling around the country to Gunma, Kyoto, Osaka, Naoshima, Yamaguchi and Fukuoka to visit museums and other art spaces for a month.

  Sat May 17 7pm: Dark Before Dawn screening in Dumbo  

Dark Before Dawn is a new video work created for the full-length album "Ulysses Syndrome" by Soundwalk Collective. For this album the members of Soundwalk sailed around the Mediterranean equipped with radio scanning antennae, collecting hundreds of hours of recordings which they then edited into a very beautiful and haunting album. In fall 2013 I performed an earlier version of the piece with the group at MuCEM in Marseilles, and this new version has been used in Soundwalk performances in Poitiers, Luxembourg and Odessa. This will be the piece's premiere in New York and the first time being screened with the album mix as opposed to live sound.

Saturday May 17
At Kunsthalle Projects (Front Street Galleries Suite 212, in Dumbo) | Map
Doors at 7pm
Screening at 8pm sharp (video is 45 minutes long)
Jeff Thompson performance at 9pm sharp

  "The Year We Make Contact" / New video installation in group exhibition  

"Weird Science"
Kunsthalle Projects (Front Street Galleries Suite 212, in Dumbo) | Map
Saturday April 26th – Saturday May 31st
Opening reception: Saturday April 26th 6pm – 9pm

Blake Carrington
Thomas Dexter
Heather-Dewey Hagborg
Kysa Johnson
Hannah Mishin
Jeffrey Thompson
Leah Wolff

"Weird Science" feature artists whose work draws from scientific theories or practices, misuses science towards artistic ends, or create their own "form" of science in their work. Curated by Julie McKim, Daniel Kingery, Wyatt Nash, Erik Hougen.

The Year We Make Contact is the latest in my body of work exploring subjective image space and hybrid systems aesthetics. Drawing on our impulse for pattern recognition -- considering Rorshach inkblot imagery, Virgin Mary water stains, and poltergeists hidden within white noise among other examples -- the imagery in The Year We Make Contact oscillates between the quasi-recognizable forms of landscape, atmosphere, architecture, figure and cosmos. The ever-shifting flow of images are not shot, made or captured; they coalesce within the invented system.

  Wed Feb 5: The Art of the Artist Talk (Lightning Round) at This Red Door 

The Art of the Artist Talk (Lightning Round)

Marte Kiessling
Zefrey Throwell
Christopher Gianunzio
Sarah Chipps
Deborah Johnson
Sean McElroy
Sarah Nelson Wright
Dana Levy
Colin Todd
David Colosi
Julie McKim
Shane Hope

Organized by:
Blake Carrington

More info at Facebook event page

Wed Feb 5, Doors 7pm Presentations start 8pm FREE
Located at Kunsthalle Galapagos, 16 Main St, Brooklyn | map

More info on This Red Door.


  Dec 13 - Jan 3: Personal Desire Propaganda at P339 Gallery, Brooklyn 

"x / +" is a pop-up store provoked by curator Kathleen Forde that will be presenting a selection of artist multiples and limited edition work produced by the artist-run initiatives Auxiliary Projects, Personal Desire Propaganda, and The December Store. Runs through Jan 3.

Facebook event page

Opening Reception: Friday Dec 13 7pm - 10pm
Gallery hours:
Tuesday - Sunday 11am-6pm
Monday Closed

Located at 339 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn | map

  Sept 12 - Nov 23: Solo exhibition at Philadelphia Photo Arts Center 

I'll be premiering two new series of inkjet paintings, Loci (Strata Systems) and Archive (Strata Systems). In conjunction with the gallery opening on Sept 12th I'll also premiere an audiovisual performance down the hall from PPAC at The Icebox, a venue with a 4-channel projection system that can create a single 100-ft wide image.

Blake Carrington: Shaping a Signal
Opening reception: Thursday Sept 12th 6-9pm
Performance at Icebox, Crane Arts Building: 7-8pm

Philadelphia Photo Arts Center (In Crane Arts Building)
1400 N. American Street | map
Gallery hours:
Tuesday - Thursday 12-8pm
Friday & Saturday 12-6pm
Sunday & Monday Closed

  Oct 5/6: With Soundwalk Collective at Jewish Museum, Paris France  

Ghost Tapes of Bessarabia
by Soundwalk Collective w/ Blake Carrington
at Musée d'Art et d'Histoire du Judaïsme
Part of Nuit Blanche 2013, Paris
Saturday Oct 5th 8pm - Sunday Oct 6 3am

  Oct 12: Cathedral Scan at The Sanctuary, Philadelphia 

Complementing the exhibition that opened on Sept 12, PPAC is producing a performance of my Cathedral Scan audiovisual performance at The Sanctuary (at First Unitarian Church). I'll be joined on the bill by Philly-based artists Lauren Pakradooni a.k.a. Tether and Lance Simmons a.k.a. Unguent!

+ Facebook Event Page +

  Oct 18/19: With Soundwalk Collective at MuCEM, Marseilles France  

Later in the month I'm back with Soundwalk to perform live visuals twice more in France, this time at the Musée des civilisations de l'Europe et de la Méditerranée (MuCEM) in Marseilles.

by Soundwalk Collective w/ Blake Carrington
at MuCEM
Friday Oct 18

Ulysses Syndrome
by Soundwalk Collective w/ Blake Carrington
at MuCEM
Saturday Oct 19

  July 1 - Aug 31: Personal Desire Propaganda in Berlin 

Personal Desire Propaganda, a label for commissioning artists to create and sell limited edition silkscreen prints, is on display at This Red Door @ Reh Kunst in Berlin. I'm producing the platform along with my friends and colleagues Grayson Cox and Asa Gauen, and this time around we have 28 amazing artists participating!

Buy the prints for $10 each and see more info at the Personal Desire Propaganda website.

  March 7 - 31: Personal Desires Propaganda  
27 artists were invited to create limited edition prints that propagandize their desires for power. Each print comes in an edition of 100 and is only $10 for a limited time, or you can buy the whole suite for a bargain! Organized by Grayson Cox. (My contribution is actually an edition of 1000 and costs $1 each. Buy some for friends and family!)

111 Front St. Galleries in Dumbo, Suite 208
Opening reception Thursday March 7 6-8pm
Open for Brooklyn Armory Night Saturday March 9 6-8pm
Other special events to be announced!

Featuring prints by:
Jeremy Sheaffer
Paloma Crousillat
Jared Friedman
Mark Rice
Lauren Pakradooni
Blake Carrington
Michael Levin
Paul Jacobsen
Jesse Weiss
Lou Joseph
Sarah Shebaro
Jonathan Stanish
Seth Scantlen
Brad Ewing
Erik Hougen
Zefrey Throwell
Nathan Catlin
Asa Gauen
Eric Ramos Guerrero
Noah Breuer
Emily Henretta
Michael Neff
Chris Benfield
Julia Samuels
Daniel Rich
Grayson Cox

  March 15 6-9pm: Dungeon Beach Visual Artist Series  
On Friday March 15 I'll be screening a single-channel version of Cathedral Scan at the newly opened Dungeon Beach recording studios in Williamsburg.

  Jan 15 2013 7pm: A Strong Hand That Nonetheless Gets You Nowhere  
A Strong Hand That Nonetheless Gets You Nowhere is a book of open-ended scores created by Blake Carrington and an exhibition of commissioned artists' enactments of those scores. This collaborative exhibition and performance event will last one night only at This Red Door @ Kunsthalle Galapagos. FREE. Featuring:


  Dec 10-13 8-9pm: The Future at the End of the World group exhibition  
Produced by Immediate Medium and curated by Andrew Horwitz, The Future at the End of the World is a 4-night event to be held in the forgotten and obsolete office spaces of the James A Farley Post Office on 33rd St and 8th Ave in Manhattan. Several artists from varying backgrounds of theater, dance, sound, performance and visual arts will each have a room to count down the last hour til the end of the world. I'll be premiering a new audiovisual composition and wall drawing titled "Apple Blossom Time". Based on a recording of a barbershop quartet I made a few years ago, I'll be stretching out small harmonic and rhythmic moments into a sort of expansive sonic wormhole. Visual projection will be generated in real-time by analyzing the spectral qualities of the performed sound.

+ Facebook Event Page

  Nov 4 6-9pm: I'm Loving It Group Exhibition in Mazda 3 Gallery  
***Date changed*** This Sunday Nov 4 the curatorial instigation of Grayson Cox and Pete Watts transforms cars into galleries and a parking lot btw McDonald's and Staple's into a gypsy caravan art fair. Will definitely be interesting, 652 Meeker Ave, one night only! Was planned for last week but postponed due to Sandy.

  June - Nov: Video installation in temporary gallery at Conrad Hotel  
A satellite site for Transforming Function has opened in a temporary gallery space at the Conrad Hotel in Tribeca. Myself and three other artists included in the Governors Island show have contributed new work for the satellite venue. Super beautiful space... should be up and running until December, but check here for details.

  May 26-Sept 30: Group show in LMCC's gallery on Governors Island  
I have a new series of 9 prints combining custom software, photogravure, ink and gaffers tape in this summer's show in the Governors Island Gallery, curated by LMCC's Melissa Levin and Will Penrose. Show's title is Transforming Function. More info here.

  July 8: Performance at St. Paul's Chapel for River to River Festival  
I'll premiere my new 3 HD projection + stereo sound performance titled Loci_Palimpsest at St. Paul's Chapel as part of the River to River Festival, sponsored by LMCC. Super excited to be sharing the bill with Daniel Iglesia and Taylor Deupree. More info here.

  Tues May 22: The Ornithologist Ghosthunter at LMCC LentSpace  
Tomorrow from 1-2 I'll be premiering a new sound performance created for LMCC's LentSpace in Hudson Square, located at the corner of Canal St and 6th Avenue. With shotgun mic and wireless transmitter in hand, the performance is an homage in equal parts to naturalist David Attenborough and Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) research pioneer Friedrich Jurgenson. It follows a previous project Suomenlinna Ornithological Society, a geo-tagged sound installation on Governors Island featuring electronic birdsongs in an augmented ambient soundscape.

  Jan 28, 7pm: Screening & New Performance at Microscope Gallery  
On Saturday, January 28th at 7pm I'll be presenting a selection of new and recent single-channel video works and premiering a brand new audiovisual performance at Bushwick's Microscope Gallery. The performance is currently titled Shapes In Clouds and follows my work treating the architectural plans of Gothic cathedrals as open-ended music scores. Cover charge $6. Microscope Gallery website. Directions.

  Jan19 - March 4 2012: Prints in group show at 701 CCA  
The prints I created while in residency at South Korea's Haeinsa Temple last summer are now in a group show at Columbia, South Carolina's 701 Center for Contemporary Art. From Frank McCauley, curator of the show: "The development of cinema throughout history has been inextricably linked with developments in a range of film production technologies. The recent transition from mechanical, chemical and analogue processes to those that are electronically and digitally based has provided artists with an extraordinary range of creative opportunities. As digital data, the fundamental elements that constitute the cinematic experience – space, time, light, sound and motion – are now infinitely malleable and endlessly reconfigurable."


  Sept 23-Nov 6: New work in group show 通 (Link) at Haeinsa Temple  
The work I create while in residence at Haeinsa will be included in the exhibition celebrating the 1,000 year anniversary of the Tripitaka Koreana. Full details here.

  Sept 24: New audiovisual performance premieres at Haein Art Day  
To kick off the exhibition, Haeinsa Temple is staging a festival of audiovisual, music and dance performances. Among other amazing pieces which I'm honored to be surrounded by, a group of monks will interpret John Cage's 4'33" by sitting.

  August 2011: Residency at Haeinsa Temple, South Korea  
Very excited to be invited to the Haein Art Studio Program at a secluded 1,200 year old temple in South Korea. I'll be revising my Cathedral Scan project and continuing the Loci_ series.

  July 31: Performing at Bullet's, Tokyo (Nishiazabu)  
Another opportunity to play with Celer, this time also sharing the bill with the Tokyo Phonographers Union (Improvisation performance by Marcos Fernandes, Sawako, Testuro Yasunaga, Yui Onodera, Takahisa Hirao and Hiroki Sasajima). Special thanks to Will Long. Bullet's website here.

  July 28: Performing at Super Deluxe, Tokyo (Roppongi)  
As part of Chihei Hatakeyama's release party for his new album Mirror I'll be performing on a bill with Chihei, Celer, Luis Nanook and others. Special thanks to Will Long. Full details here.

  March-July 2011: LMCC Residency on Governors Island  
I'm currently artist-in-residence at LMCC's Building 110 on Governors Island. The next open studio event is scheduled for July 16-17.

  May 27: Collaborative Project with Broadcastr Debuts  
A new "augmented sonic reality" version of Suomenlinna Ornithological Society will premiere on Governors Island on Memorial Day weekend, in collaboration with the social media platform Broadcastr.

  May 13-June 1: Solo exhibition at Central Utah Arts Center  
Opening on May 13th I'll be presenting brand new work at a 19th-century mill turned art space in Ephraim, Utah. Curated by Adam Bateman and Jared Latimer.

  April 23/29: Princeton Laptop Orchestra performs Is Space  
A new version of my piece Is Space will be performed by an 8-member ensemble of the Princeton Laptop Orchestra (PLOrk), co-directed by Daniel Iglesia (who will also be providing video accompaniment). On April 23rd the show will premiere on the Princeton University campus, then will travel to the 92nd Street Y's Tribeca location for a New York debut on April 29th.

  Thurs March 3: Cathedral Scan CD Release Concert (click for more info)  
Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral
263 Mulberry Street (enter on Mott St. btw Prince/Houston, map)
Doors 7:00pm, Show 7:20pm
$7 Suggested donation
Facebook event page

UPDATE: Click  here  to view documentation clip of the concert (640x360, 5min40s, March 2011).

  Mon Feb 14 2011: New sound performance at LMAKseries  
139 Eldridge St (btw Delancey and Broome, map)
$7 Suggested donation
Curated by Louky Keijsers Koning and Richard Garet in consultation with Berlin-based artist Andy Graydon.